Suzanne Welch

Suzanne Welch MA (cantab)
Mindfulness in Art

Suzanne is a professional artist and a mature Cambridge University graduate. Her work has been exhibited in Cork Street, London and St Ives, Cornwall.

Suzanne practices mindfulness in art to enhance her creativity and confidence in mark making.

The mindful art sessions create an opportunity to release your inner uninhibited self and to develop and embrace your creative confidence. Mindfulness in Art is a meditative practice which enables us to create directly from the heart in a free non-judgemental environment. Through a series of guided art meditations, we will question the formality of our learned habits and the conventional approach to drawing, to awaken your inner creativity.

Suzanne says:
In many aspects of our life we are our own harshest critics. The formality of learned behaviours and constructs inhibit our creative flow and stifle our ways of seeing.

My personal artistic journey has lead me from the formality of the conventional way of seeing and drawing, to the free-flowing mark making and painting that I enjoy today. I have discovered that practising mindful art gave me permission to leave the judgement of the traditional precepts of drawing behind. My creative confidence has grown, not only in my art, but also in other aspects of my life.

Artistically and emotionally this can be a challenging path, as you will be asked to review many of your past learnt behaviours. But if you are willing to jump without a safety net, then the creative rewards are bountiful.

Please see Suzanne's website for more information about her work.