Claire Widdall

Claire Widdall
Tai Chi

Claire is a certified Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi instructor. She has trained with Somerset Skills & Learning and Tai Chi Master Jesse Tsao.

Modern day stress and a sedentary lifestyle pose a serious threat to our health. In order to stay physically and mentally fit, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle and take regular exercise. Tai Chi is an ancient tradition of gentle meditative movements, performed in a slow, focussed manner. Unlike high-impact workouts, Tai Chi offers a long-term safe and effective way of staying fit and healthy. The basic movements are easy to grasp by people of all ages and abilities. The moves can be tailored to suit most health conditions to ensure inclusivity for all.

Just as there must be sufficient physical stimulation of muscles to maintain muscle tone, so mental and emotional abilities must be stimulated too. Shibashi adopts positive visualisation and controlled breathing to help balance the mind, and reduce mental stress and physical tension, whilst improving flexibility, circulation and muscular development. Practising Shibashi generates, circulates and regulates Qi around the body which helps to clear stagnant energy, improving blood circulation and immunity, enabling vital energy to flow through the body.

Claire says:
After attending Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi classes I experienced first hand the positive impact, both mental and emotional, that these gentle, meditative exercises can have. As an asthmatic I found the abdominal breathing and calming visualisation techniques dramatically reduced my need for the use of prescription medication. The experience was so positive that I felt a strong desire to pass on this knowledge to others.

Claire will be offering weekly Tai Chi classes at Mill Lodge. Please see here for more details.