Cemile Lisa Kiazim

Cemile Lisa Kiazim
Systematic Kinesiology

Cemile is a Systematic Kinesiologist. Systematic Kinesiology is a totally holistic therapy using the body’s bio-feedback mechanism through muscle testing to gain information about the client's health. Suggestions and advice may include nutritional supplements, relaxation techniques, structural and massage realignment, lifestyle changes and more. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself when given the right tools.

Cemile says:
I started my journey with Holistic Therapies after experiencing health problems that conventional medicine did not understand or know how to treat. I tried many different therapies which helped for a while but didn’t find the root causes. I discovered Kinesiology, which transformed my life. After a couple of sessions I noticed a significant improvement in my health. I had boundless energy, something I hadn’t felt for many years, and gradually my persistent health issues disappeared. Kinesiology helped me so much, physically and emotionally, that I wanted to help others regain their health. I completed the Kinesiology Foundation course in 2005 and then went on to study the Kinesiology Practitioners Course in 2008 with the The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology.

For appointments with Cemile Lisa Kiazim: 07597 552 768